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Highlighter Godet Pan Refil 4g – Blissfull



Blissful is Back!
Blissful is now officially a permanent part of the OFRA collection due to popular demand and now available as a refill.
Beam from head to toe any season in Blissful. This ultra-glowing highlighter is a luxurious golden-bronze with rose undertones. Blissful can be used as a highlight, eyeshadow, or blush topper so that your glow will remain strong all day long. OFRA highlighters give glow a new meaning as the result of liquid-to-baked technology. What does this mean for your glow goals? The luminosity from the pearls in the formula provide an unparalleled pigment payoff and showstopping sheen.
** Please note that this item is only a refill godet and not a case**

Now Available in 10gram Size

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