Anti-Ageing Skin Bundle


Set your clocks back with this Anti-Ageing Skin Bundle that renews skin. Now Available on a Bundle Promotion. Love the sun? This set dives into the deepest layer of the skin promoting smoother skin from the inside out.

What’s Inside:

Biotech Eye & Lip Cream: Not all parts of your face are created equal. With Biotech Eye & Lip Cream, the most sensitive areas of your face are treated like royalty. Developed with peptides (shout out to our Peptide Series) and a high concentration of Argereline, this cream reduces the appearance of fine lines and helps to relax facial muscles that cause more wrinkles.

Biotech Facial Serum: Give your muscles a day off with this anti-aging super formula that stops facial muscles from contracting, which helps decrease the visibility of wrinkles around the lips, eyes, and neck. This age-rewinding gel is made with 5% Argireline peptide technology, which in a study of effectiveness showed that wrinkles around the eyes were decreased by 17% after 15 days and by 27% after 30 days of treatment. Want more? For even better and longer lasting results, your skin gets a boost from Collagen Recovery Complex which helps to firm and improve skin’s elasticity.

Biotech Facial Cream: Give your face and neck a boost with this smoothing and firming hydrator. Antioxidant-rich, this moisturizer increases the elasticity of the skin and protects it from environmental damage. Day or night? Go for both, made with superhero ingredient Argireline, Biotech Cream topically relaxes facial muscles that reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Value Pack: R3050  (Save R1600)

Now on Promotion for R1450. Including Complimentary Liquid Lipstick.

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